Genius TV: Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe 2012

Channel Four’s best broadcaster, Blue Peter presenter impregnator and paedophile Morpheus walrus Charlie Brooker has condensed last years media news into one bite sized hour long chunk, making sure we can all appear more intelligent than we actually are. This episode features Nine Inch Nails and Barry Shitpeas, keepin’ it foolish.

For the uninitiated, Charlie Brooker has made screenwipe episodes for the whole year, following his format of ripping apart TV and media on a weekly basis. This year has had a lot to offer, from fawning Jubilee Pourcasts, uplifting Oylimpic coverage and 70’s TV stars who would ruin this joke.

Anyone interested in media should watch all of his screenwipes, and if you aren’t interested, watch Nathan Barley instead, which coincidentally proves Charlie Brooker invented Twitter before anyone else.


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