J.J Abrams set to direct new “Star Wars”, only Battlestar Galactica left to complete sci-fi trinity


Following the news that Disney brought “Star Wars” for $4.05 billion dollars (a purchase so big the EU had to bless the marriage), J.J Abrams has been named as the director of the franchise’s new instalment, set to be released in the next two years.

To many this is welcome news, finally handing over George Lucas’ baby to someone who won’t publicly pimp it out for cash, daubing breathtakingly fake over-the top visuals all over the place and make the story about boring politics. Here there is a director that can steer “Star Wars” away from the many faults it is now (in)famous for.

Giving J.J the reigns makes complete sense, as he has already shown he is a competent director of films with ‘Star’ in the title. In many ways his “Star Trek” was the film the new “Star Wars” should’ve been. Entertaining, fun and not racist.

J.J is the perfect fit for this not only because “Star Wars” is one of the films that inspired him to even become a filmmaker but because his skill as a blockbuster director is to make movies that are original as they are entertaining. “Super 8”, for example was a welcome treat in a summer full of dire films. Just like Marvel Disney did with Joss Whedon, when you want to make the fans happy, get a fan to direct.

Now it seems that the only question left is what will the “Star Trek”/”Star Wars” easter egg will be.

I nominate a Vulcan salute by Han Solo. You heard it here first.

h/t for poster by Mondo


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