Short Film of the week: “Noon”

A short film about a dystopian future where the earth has stopped rotating has been picked up by the Hollywood studio that brought us ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’. What isn’t there to love?

‘Noon’ looks set to be next years ‘District 9’, in the sense that it was a short film that led to its development as a feature film. Unlike ‘District 9’, this is a short film proper, rather than an extended premise, though the premise is epic.

Set 200 years in the future, after a nuclear mining incident locked Earths rotation, we follow a coyote smuggling people into Noon, a city built under solar shades and the scorching sun. The backstory is wonderfully dystopian with acronyms like WRG, soldiers in gas masks and glitchy holograms. The visuals are satisfyingly dark, dirty and grimy with the tech presented to us as normal even though its from the far future. Given this aesthetic, the film feels like a mash up ‘Children of Men’ and the episode ‘Gridlock’ from Doctor Who.

‘Gridlock’ S3 E2, Doctor Who

Unlike many sci-fi short films, this one focuses on the story, with a nice simmering sub-plot and dramatic tensions throughout. It felt more like a half hour episode than 12 minute film. You really wish you were following the characters into this corrupt world. I feel good about this as a feature film as the guy who directed it, Kasra Farahani, is an experienced feature film Art Director and he also framed this short as a scene from a hypothetical feature, so there is a lot of groundwork already.

I’m glad that the director got picked up after producing and releasing this short, it gives hope to other filmmakers that good work will get talked about and noticed. Granted, this guy has been in the industry for a long time, but he still had to make a film to prove himself, and if that’s all that its takes, then anyone with a good story and dedication can make it.

All in all, I can’t wait for this film to be released. While I wait, I’ll just have to look at my personal top 10 film list and see which one can be sacrificed on the altar of dysto-sci-fi.


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