3 reasons why you should love Brian Cox

brian cox

Biology and physics come together beautifully in a new factual series fronted by Brian Cox. With long crisp landscapes and a simple use of graphics, Cox explains the complex nature of life not just from a biological point of view but from a atomic one. It’s easy to forget that at the heart of it all, life is just a series of chemicals that have managed to move and replicate, and Cox is here to break it down for us. From how we make energy to what DNA is made of.

But this series is another in a long line of reasons why everyone should love him. What are they? Well, here they are.


It’s a verified fact that northerners are much better people than southerners. Yeah, the south of England has jobs, a better life expectancy and more culture, but whats the point if everyone is a sad depressed bastard? Unlike southerners, northerners value life and have a happy outlook on life all the time. Need proof? Check out Shaun from This is England. Living in perhaps the worst time to be from the north but he is clearly having a whale of a time amongst the deregulation, casual racism and bad Smell. This happy outlook can be expressed in their happy accent, which sounds more “down to earth”. Literally. While they were down in mines hundreds of years ago, they had to have a happy outlook, lest they an existential crisis, while southerners were more worried about the color of their fixie Penny Farthings.

When David Attenborugh speaks, he sounds like an Oxford don gently explaining the wonders of the world, but you know that if push came to shove, he could make you feel like the dirty poor pleb you are, smacking you around the face with a encyclopedia Britannica whilst sneering at your commoner ignorance . Cox on the other hand sounds like a mate who’s smoked too much weed, read too much Wikipedia and really, really wants to tell you how amazing and beautiful the universe is. If push came to shove, he would buy you another beer while explaining how that beer comes from the heart of a star.


Cox is a man who doesn’t give a fuck. What kind of self respecting man would have a surname as a homophome for “penis”, yet still have a dickhead haircut? The kind of man who wrote a thesis on the Double diffraction dissociation at large momentum transfer and helps run the most expensive experiment / apocalypse machine ever known to man, that’s who.

Cox on the left before his flesh application procedure

Cox on the right before his flesh application procedure

The man looks like a lego figure, but behind those youthful eyes and wrinkle free face, he holds the knowledge to end the universe as we know it. We know he won’t do it however, because anyone who chooses to style their hair in the form of a pacifist toy and has the power to end the universe is clearly on the good side of the force.


Back in the dark days of the 1990’s the internet still had a sound,Cox was a young undergraduate full of ambition and dreams. Or D:Reem’s to be more precise. When he wasn’t studying the rules to creating the ultimate weapon of death and destruction, he was jamming on syths and keyboards, creating music will forever be included the soundtrack to any film set in Britain during the nineties. You can see him here in full 1994 regalia on the keyboards at the beginning. But he is was most famous for this track, which was also used to make people feel great that the Tories lost an election.

Even though his musical days are well behind him, Cox still has the magic touch as we can see here:

So Brian Cox is an animated LEGO toy with musical streak and the power to end all existence. Whats not to love?


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