Music Video of the week: “Cirrius” by Bonobo

Cyriak, the man who made this, made a music video for the guy who mixed this

True, this music video may have been released a month ago, but better late than never. Electronic musician and DJ Bonobo teams up with the talented and demented animator Cyriak. His creations feature repetition and transformation to funny and sometimes unnerving ends, but always entertaining.

This music video uses a similar style that Cyriak uses before, but in this case, you can sense a simmering undercurrent of political commentary. By using 8mm film clips of the 1950’s is he trying to insinuate that the period was one of regimented social relations? Or is the message rather a statement on the clean machine like type capitalism of the time?

Without an interview we will never know, but until then the use of super 8 film gives the video a warm retro sensibility that few of his other works exude.

Here’s hoping that more record companies call up Cyriak to make music videos as he is one of the most original working animators out there.



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