Video of the week: Game of Thrones 1995 Edition

The yearning for the 1990’s has gone so far we even have to repackage this crap decade to make ourselves feel better.

Since the start of 2013, a cultural regression back to the 1990’s has emerged online as a common theme of discussion. Be it memes or remixes, the 90’s are coming back with a force. Maybe its because the kids of the nineties are all grown up and instead of facing up to a bleak future of a crap jobs and pricier living, they we would rather reliv simpler days. 

Days when things could only get better, days when our only worry was getting Crash Bandicoot, Days when cheesy theme tunes and off putting graphics were part and parcel of every serial adventure TV show.

Like the one above, a re-imagining of Game of Thrones as a series produced in the 90’s. Every detail is perfect, from the lower than average signal to the off camera smiles. One interesting to note is how happy and friendly it all is, as if to say that no matter what TV show you were producing, if it was made in the 90’s is defualt mode is ‘happy’.

This video has put me in the mood for some more reto imaginings, which knowing how t’internet works will soon be coming. 



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