Short Film Of The Week: “Aningaaq” AKA The Other Half Of That Conversation From “Gravity”

There’s nothing the Oscars like better than making history and making headlines, so the announcement that “Aningaaq”, a short film made as a Blu-Ray extra for “Gravity” , is being submitted for the Short Film Oscar is just the latest news to cement the Cuarón father and son pairing as Hollywood’s dream team of the moment. As if making an epic yet minimal 3D masterpiece together wasn’t enough, they have decided to all out meta and make a film within a film both of which may win Oscars, which would make it the first time that the Short Film Oscar and the Best Film Oscar go to films that share the exact same lines of dialogue.

Written and directed by Jonás Cuarón, it is the story of an Inuit Greenlander fishing in the the inhospitable arctic circle when a distant call comes through on his satellite phone. It’s a great little short that plays on the idea of perspective and the innate human need for communication in the most remote of places. It apparently only cost $100,000 to make which raises the question why more studios don’t do this. On big feature films they can spend up to $260,000 on just private jets and trailers so what would $100K be for a little short that can only be good publicity?

Regardless, this short is great as a stand alone piece. Its been making the rounds at international film festivals in Venice and Telluride to much critical acclaim so its chances in the Oscars are pretty strong, especially as its winning would make for an interesting bit of Oscar trivia in the future.

So what do you think about the short? Does it deserve to win the short film Oscar or is just #buzz? Let us know in the comments below!



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