Short Of The Week: ‘The First Wave’


Zombie shorts have a pretty terrible reputation online. They’re always either dystopian porn set in old army base that some bro happened to have access to or a badly executed uni project that doesn’t go further than cheap makeup, blood and someone getting bitten (oh how dramatic). But this short came up as a genuine surprise brimming with great ideas and a new spin on a tired genre.


The only reason I watched it is because it has a twist and it’s a good one. I would describe it but that’ll ruin it for you, but trust me it’s good. This is isn’t a typical zombie film with gore and running as it deals with zombies becoming self aware and being reintegrated into society. It’s a very similar premise to a BBC show last year called ‘In The Flesh’ where zombies were cured and intolerance of zombies was a metaphor for latent homophobia.


I’m predicting a new trend in zombie flicks that’s are like this, post-zombie if you may, where zombies become people again but face discrimination in someway. Mark my words it’s going to be a thing and there’s going be inches of culture pieces about it. Until then though enjoy this short. It’s a tasty little film and it’s a prequel to a Irish film in development called ‘The Third Wave’ so we (hopefully) have more to see from these guys.


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