Short Film Of The Week: “Aningaaq” AKA The Other Half Of That Conversation From “Gravity”

There’s nothing the Oscars like better than making history and making headlines, so the announcement that “Aningaaq”, a short film made as a Blu-Ray extra for “Gravity” , is being submitted for the Short Film Oscar is just the latest news to cement the Cuarón father and son pairing as Hollywood’s dream team of the moment. Continue reading


‘Gravity’ Film Review + Mondo Poster


It’s been said that the environmental movement began with the first images of earth from space, a pale blue marble of life in the dark abyss of space. Since then, the idea of Earth as a unique spaceship took hold in the cultural consciousness of the mid 20th Century. 50 years on however, the magic of space seems to have been superseded by the distraction of cyberspace, but the wonder of the space has been given a poetic vehicle once again, not seen perhaps since Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey‘.

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J.J Abrams set to direct new “Star Wars”, only Battlestar Galactica left to complete sci-fi trinity


Following the news that Disney brought “Star Wars” for $4.05 billion dollars (a purchase so big the EU had to bless the marriage), J.J Abrams has been named as the director of the franchise’s new instalment, set to be released in the next two years.

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